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    Useful tips and info for mission participants

    Info and tips for mission participants (by travel agency Omnia)


    Mission motivation

    After two successful missions to the Asian region, the city of Antwerp and its partners Port of Antwerp and Antwerp World Diamond Centre now cast their glance westward to explore new opportunities and strengthen existing ties.

    For the 2017 mission we focus on Canada, a region with great potential for the Antwerp economy. The joint efforts of Antwerp, the Port Authority and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre enable us to offer a diverse program with a broad variety of activities that appeal to numerous sectors of the Antwerp economic landscape. Mission participants will be able to attend seminars, visit innovative local enterprises and participate in a tailor-made b2b program organised by Flanders Investment and Trade to establish or further enhance their local business relationships.

    The mission is supported by the Belgian embassy in Ottawa, the Canadian embassy in Brussels, the Belgian consulate-general in Montreal, Flanders Investment and Trade and the General Delegation of Québec in Brussels.

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    Registering for mission participation

    You can only register online to participate in the Canada mission 2017. 

    Registration deadlines

    • 14 August 2017 if you wish to have a tailor-made B2B meeting program prepared for you. Please note that if you choose this option, you will also need to return your completed B2B questionnaire to Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) .
    • 14 September 2017 if a personalised B2B program is not required.

    Registration procedure

    The registration form offers you a choice between two profiles:

    • mission participant: for people who wish to personally participate in the mission and be able to register their company and colleagues.
    • management assistant: for those who will not personally participate in the mission but wish to register their company and participating colleagues.

    Both profiles contain 2 sections. The required fields of both sections must be filled out to complete your application.

    • participant info: here you enter the information of one or more participants that will represent your company during the mission. You can add additional participants by clicking 'Add a participant' at the bottom of the page.
    • company info: some of this information will be displayed on your company's profile page, where it is visible to other registered participants (but not to unregistered parties) to facilitate networking.

    After your application has been submitted, a first confirmation message will be sent to the contact e-mail address supplied during registration. Please note that this message does not confirm your participation yet, only that we have received your application and are reviewing it.
    ** If you do not appear to receive an e-mail message after your registration, be sure to check your folder with spam / unwanted messages. **

    Upon approval of the application, your company profile and participant account(s) will be activated and the participant(s) will be notified via a second confirmation mail, which contains their login details.
    ** Again, make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive a second confirmation message within two working days after your registration. **

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    Signing up/out for events / setting up your personal mission program

    After your participation to the mission has been confirmed, the next step is registering for all mission events you wish to participate in. This way you set up a personal mission program, tailored to your individual wishes and needs.

    Important: there are two ways to register participants for mission events:

    1. By using the company profile manger account for your company (the first one that was created when registering your company for the mission). This account can be used to register both the main user and all other users connected to your company for events.
    2. Via the personal account of the participant who needs to be registered for the event.

    A brief walkthrough:

    1. Browse the mission program and choose the events you wish to participate in. You can review the available events in two ways:
      • Full program: a calendar with all mission events, listed per day;
      • Event overview: all events listed in chronological order. Filters are available to specify a location and/or date.
    2. Click on events to open them and read their full description.
    3. The next step depends on your account type:
      1. Regular participants can only register themselves. Simply click the red 'Register' button on the event detail page to add that event to your personal mission program.
      2. Company profile managers can register all participants for their company. Select the names of the participants you wish to register for the event, then click the red 'Update registrations' button.
    4. You can review your personal program by clicking on 'My events' (under the 'Program' tab). This shows a calendar containing all events you registered for. Company profile managers see the registration status for all participants for their company on the event pages.
    5. You can change your mind and remove events from your program anytime:
      1. Regular participants do this by clicking the 'Cancel registration' button  shown at the right side of each event in the overview, or on the relevant event pages.
      2. Company profile managers do this by opening event pages, selecting the names of the participants they wish to deregister for the event, then clicking the red 'Update registrations' button.

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    Modifying profiles & adding additional participants

    Click 'My profile' and then 'Manage profile' to open an overview of your company details and its added participant(s). At the bottom of this page are 4 buttons:

    1. Edit company: modify the details shown in your company profile (web page, phone number etc.)
    2. Edit participants: modify the details of the mission participants linked to your company (name, title etc.).
      Tip: to prevent accidents, this page does not contain a function to remove participants. Please contact us to request the removal of an account.
    3. Add new participant: create an account for an additional mission participant for your company.
    4. Request new password: use this to change the password for your personal account (tip: forgot your password? Click here to reset it).

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    Participation fee

    The participation fee is

    • € 1000/person for the entire mission (Toronto and Montreal)
    • € 500/person for one city (Toronto or Montreal).

    This fee covers participation in the general mission program, including:

    • all seminars
    • visits
    • network events
    • group luncheons and dinners
    • local transport

    The fee does NOT cover:

    • the cost for a visa - see section 'visa requirements' below
    • flights
    • hotel bookings
    • personal expenses
    • some lunches not included in the program

    TIP: Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) offers subsidies to companies who prospect abroad. Participation in the Antwerp mission qualifies for such a subsidy. 

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    Tickets & booking

    After your application for mision participation has been validated, our partner Omnia Travel will contact you via e-mail to finalize your booking (using the contact e-mail address you provided during registration). You can expect a message from Omnia Travel within two weeks after your validation, and on July 17th at the earliest. If you do not appear to receive a message from Omnia Travel within that timeframe, please let us know so we can assist you.

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    Visa requirements - eTA

    Visa-exempt travellers to Canada must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This  is compulsory: without it you will be denied entry into the country.

    This procedure

    • is valid for 5 years (or for the remainder of your passport validity period if this is less than 5 years)
    • is valid for all trips to Canada within the validity period
    • is simple and available in English and French
    • costs 7 Canadian dollars, payable via credit card during the application procedure.

    Please consult the walkthrough for additional information and a step-by-step application guide.

    More information about the eTA and the online application tool can be found on

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    Economic files 

    Travel advice

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